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How We Can Help

If you are are a legal parent, grandparent, family member or concerned neighbour looking for information or wanting to find a way to speak for a child’s well-being, we can help. We will explain how to get involved and have a First Nation Family Advocate act on your behalf.

We will guide you and explain the process from the time you contact us. In general, a simple 3 to 5 step process is all it takes. We will make the information clear and easy to understand. Our family advocates are experienced working with CFS and have intimate knowledge of the concerns and challenges that face our First Nations Children. We are First Nations working for First Nations people and our children’s rights.

What to Expect?

Guiding You Through the Process and Working to “Bring Children Home”

From the time you contact the First Nations Family Advocate Office you will be treated with an understanding and respect that you and your child deserve. Some information may be required to get you on the path to “bringing your child home”. The process may include, but is not limited to:

  • An initial meeting/phone call (i.e. Introductory meeting) to discuss the details of the case/situation
  • An evaluation of the child(s), children, or families case history. (May require CFS reports)
  • You may be asked to fill in forms to ensure we can assist in the best possible way (ie. Consent forms, Intake forms, permissions, confidentiality agreements, etc.)
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From that point we will explore options for action and may continue to work with you to:

  • Do further research, investigation and evaluation of the case and recommendations for action
  • Recommend a plan for action to be taken
  • Provide counselling, consulting and support to implement the plan/action
  • Provide ongoing follow up and a report on progress

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